Leadtech company for financial services​

Leadsense is a Scandinavian fintech group, working primarily in the European market.

About Leadsense

We are Leadsense

Leadsense has, through targetted communication, segmented data and high technological standard, provided the financial industry with quality leads since 2016.

Leadsense is operated by an experienced team of 10 employees.

What we do

Our process is at the core of our product

We apply our knowledge of the European market and our technological innovations to improve and develop financial brands. We implement a four step model in order to monitor and optimize the customer journey from data collection to segmentation, communication and analysis.

Data collection​

We receive traffic from a wide range of sources and segment it live before leading the customer through the funnel most relevant for the individual user. This ensure a high conversion rate and create an opportunity to optimize and adjust our content with a constant eye on the bottom line for as well us as our partners.


We constantly tweak and sharpen our conversion models by analysing all available data shared with us by consumers. Through our analysis we are able to ensure that our partners are exposed to the potential clients that fit their target audience and create the optimal conversion environment.

Content Creation

LeadSense has over 30 years or combined experience with content development. Our inhouse content team are experts in making designs, communication and marketing material pivot into an actual brand. We don’t build traffic sites and landing pages – we build brands. This focus has allowed us not only to succeed in creating entities the client will enjoy interacting with at first glance but brands that the customer will return to again and again.

Reputation Management

At LeadSense we have many years of experience in retaining customers. Our communication flows are constantly monitored to provide an optimal response from consumers and our media buying efforts in relation to re-targetting is optimized on a daily level to ensure a quality stream of returning customers.


Our brands reflect our target audience


Mony is an online comparison site that allows users to find the market’s best consumer loan. Mony started up in Finland and Norway. Our second consumer loan comparison site in the Leadsense portfolio and was launched in 2016.


Scandibanker was the first consumer loan comparison site in the Leadsense portfolio and was launched in 2016. Scandibanker is a collective brand for loan comparison in the largest of the Scandinavian markets. 


Suimilainaa is tailor-made for the Finnish consumer and has operated since 2018. Suomilainaa offer consumers the chance of comparing the Finnish loan market and can receive offers from up to 28 lenders.


Pengehjelpen is Leadsense’s Norwegian lead-gen campaign, which is used to generate qualified finance leads. Pengehjelpen is promoted primarily through SoMe channels.


Rahoitusapua is our Finnish lead-gen campaign, which is used to generate qualified finance leads. Rahoitusapua is also promoted primarily through SoMe channels.


Creditodirecto is the Spanish leadgen campaign from Leadsense and is utilized to generate qualified finance leads. Creditodirecto is also promoted primarily throug SoMe channels.


Credido is our PPC partners since 2018. Credido acts as a comparison site that allows users to find the market’s best consumer loan. Credido is in Finland and Norway.

nordic banks

Nordic Banks is utilized by our internal communication team but is also available to a select group of affiliate partners as a quality finance campaign. Nordic Banks is a straight forward comparison site.


Scandilån is our SEO focused project and is not a financial loan agent in itself but also promote third party advertisers. You will find Scandilån live in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Partner up with Leadsense

Why banks and financial agents choose to work with Leadsense

Cooperation and transparency

At Leadsense we work with a few close partners and we have build our business on a foundation of trust and transparency. We work closely with our partners to ensure that the value chain from lead generation to conversion is adding value to the customer as well as our partners. We have gained success by being able to breach the gap between delivering both volume and quality to our partners.

Experience and network

When you enter into a collaboration with Leadsense you will be met by a group of experienced team members with a strong knowledge of the financial vertical. We have our network and marketing channels ready and fine tuned while always offering partners quality sparring in relation to marketing and technological development.

Move quickly from idea to reality

We have build our organisation up in a way that make us agile. We are able to quickly adjust to working with new brands and quickly build the identify and technology needed to make that brand a success.

Contact Leadsense

Are you a financial agent, an affiliate interested in working with our brands or a supplier? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Phone: +45 91 92 13 35
Email: info@leadsense.dk
CVR.: DK-36495340
Trekronergade 126H, 3. floor 2500, Copenhagen, Denmark

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